Yo. Message me if you have any ideas for the Hannibal crack!vid I am going to be making, because I need inspiration?


Hannibal Lecter & his patients:
↳ Some psychiatrists are so hungry for insight that they may try to manufacture it. How deadly that can be for the patient who believes them.

The way I am isn’t compatible. I wouldn’t be good for youyou wouldn’t be good for me. And, I wouldn’t be able to stop analyzing because I have this professional curiosity about you.


Hannibal’s handy-dandy guide to unconventional weaponry in case of emergencies

I want to be his friend and I am.

“I do not bind his arms or legs as I bury him in a shallow grave. He’s alive, but he will never be conscious again. He won’t know that he’s dying, and I don’t need him to. This is my design.”
Hannibal 1.02, "Amuse-Bouche" + mushrooms

the time that we wastedand the place where we fall. will we wake in the morning and know what it was all for? up in our bedroom, after the war.

the time that we wasted
and the place where we fall. 
will we wake in the morning
and know what it was all for?
up in our bedroom, 
after the war.

there will be a ͖̠̩̦ͅr͔̦̩͙e̪̞̞̰̱͇͉͕c͕̣͙̘k͉͚̣͖̱͇o̠͓̜̻n͈͎̲͓i͎̝n̻̗̠̯͖̤ͅg̝̬̤͉